Ace is a character in Erol: Ultimate Fighter, being apart of the Pirate class.


Ace has a cocky personality, not being afraid of anyone. Nothing intimidates him, and he is the type of guy to "shoot first, talk later". This makes taunts on him useless and make usual limitations found in humans, non-existent in him. He doesn't care what he says or how he acts and likes to do things his way.


Extreme Pain Tolerance: Ace's pain tolerance is extreme being able to take fatal injuries and still be able to keep fighting unfazed.


Regular TechniqueEdit

Angel Dash: Using his Heaven Whip, he can grapple onto enemies or objects and dash towards them in a powerful boost of energy with great speed dealing damage.

Special TechniqueEdit

Hell Opened: Using his demonic powers to open up the gates of hell itself, he releases demons across the stage that can assist him in battle and barrage the opponent.


Demon's Influence: Unlocking his inner demon, lets the power of the evil spirits around him influence him, taking their power in, and letting them change his form. It is said one can only be influenced if they leave room in their body to be influenced, which Ace is able to do at will.

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