Arris Taylor
Arris Taylor
Ka-El Injustice Gods Among Us
Debut January 18th 2014
Physical Description
Race Crystonian
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
Height 6'2
Weight 210
Age 29
Professional Status
Occupation Brawler
Personal Status
Status Alive

Arris Taylor is a Crystonian Superhero sent to earth by exile for his crimes against the Crystonian council. He is the main RP character of Amir Kinard.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Arris takes on more of a Young adult look.He has short brown hair that hangs with 2 bangs on his forehead.His Citizens attire is a normal jacket and jeans with tennis shoes.


Arris has always had a "Not taking anything from anyone" sorta attitude. That being said, he is a very serious but sometimes funny. Arris knows when to be lighthearted and when to get serious.He can get Very Angry at times.


Arris Taylor was born Sur-El on Cryston. He was raised by his mother and father in The Capital of Cryston, Crystal City, the Capital of Cryston. When Arris was 17 he was sent into the Crystonian army and was given Crystonian armor. When Arris was 29 he was framed for betraying the Crystonian high council he was sentenced to exile and was rocketed to earth.He landed in Newb York.


Enhanced Strength: Earth's Atmosphere has allowed the Sun to have a different effect on his body giving him enhanced strength that allows him to lift things normal people can't.

Enhanced Speed: Earth's atmosphere also had another effect on Arris's body besides enhanced strength, but even enhanced speed which allows him to move his body quickly from one location to another.

Low Durability: Even though Arris was in the Crystonian Army he never really got that much fighting experience therefore is less durable to attacks

Low Intellect: Arris is a smart individual but due to the fact he is new to Earth and, he has not yet adapted to earth's customs.

High Endurance: Arris can fight for long periods of time wiithout getting tired. His will is very strong and he doesn't get tired easily.

Enhanced Hearing:Arris can hear things from the other sides of the world.But he has yet to control it.


Experience Gold Rank Level
5300 700 Street Fighter 2
Pvp Record
Opponent Outcome
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