Brandon Griffin
Brandon Griffin
Epithet The Shining Sheriff
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair color Blonde
Height 6'3
Weight 192 lbs
Age 30
Professional Status
Occupation Brawler Sheriff
Base of Operations Newb York Police Station
Affiliation Police
Bounty 200,000
Personal Status
Status Alive
Brandon Griffin is the strongest Sheriff in Erol. Being the strongest Sheriff, he was honored of being the Sheriff of Newb York to protect new class members. He is apart of the Brawler class and is a Martial Artist rank.


Brandon Griffin
Brandon Griffin is normally in his police uniform. But when the time is needed he transforms into this blue and gold suit with gold designs. The gold design on his torso has an open shape which is a star to show his Sheriff status. He wears goggles to help him see while going at his high speeds.


Brandon Griffin has a serious hero like personality when in his regular police uniform. But when he activates his suit his personality is somehow completely different. Like revealing his suit is revealing his true self. He turns careless and gains an egotistical attitude.

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