Grant Condor
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Height 5'11
Weight 150lbs
Age 18
Professional Status
Occupation Brawler
Personal Status
Status Alive

Grant Condor is an 18 year old street fighting champ and is the main RP character of Imperial Wyrm.                                              


Grant was a troubled kid and got into fights alot, his real dad died in a mysterious accident, and Grant hated his step dad, whom abused him.  Grant's birthname was Grant Wayne, but it was changed to Grant Taylor, when his mother remarried.  He ran away when he was 14 and joined a street fighting tournament, he began to go by the name "Grant Condor".  He had a lot of experience street fighting and won many secret tournaments.  He discovered that his father, Griffin, had been a pro wrestler.  He also found his father's old wrestling belt which had a big "G" on it, standing for "Griffin".  He began to use his street fighting skills to fight crime and dressed up as a superhero.   He never told the public his name, he was always called "The Man in the Bird Suit" by news reporters.  Grant saved a scientist from a criminal who was trying to kill him and destroy his work, as thanks for saving him, the scientist gave him a potion.  The potion gave Grant the ability to jump long distances and the ability to bend steel bars and lift up cars, his strength and speed were increased greatly.  Grant currently lives in a secret cave hideout. 


Grant is often silent and serious..he had a troubled childhood.  He can also be arrogant sometimes.


  • Enhanced Strength and Speed
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