Sword - Greyson Queen carries a sword, it is fairly long and very sharp. It is also light, so it moves much faster and more smoothly than most swords. It is also jagged, to make cuts harsher. He carries it everywhere he goes. He stole it from a soldier when he was young.

Hand Guns - Greyson carries several handguns on him at all times. They aren't very long ranged, but still have a much larger range than swords and other close combat weapons. They are also fairly powerful, but require a lot of skill to be accurate, skillwhich Greyson has.

Armor - Grey wears some armor under his jacket. It isn't super durable, but it is much better than nothing, and ups his durability. Bullets, arrows, swords ect. do reduced damage.

Grappling Hook - Grey received a grappling hook from a scoundrel in Newb York. It is a standard wool rope with a metal hook at the end. It is rolled up when not used but when it is used it is thrown to grapple onto things.

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