Jake Demo
New Jake
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair color White
Eye color Blue
Height 5'8
Weight 130lb
Age 26
Professional Status
Occupation Knight
Base of Operations None.
Previous Affiliation None.
Affiliation None.
Bounty 0
Personal Status
Status Alive.
Relative(s) None revealed yet.

Jake Demo is a knight that resides in Owensberg


Jake Demo has silver white hair slightly mixed with brown. He has blue eyes that can easily Hypnotize any other person, when he tries to persuade.


Jake is a blunt, cheerful, yadult guy. At situations he always looks to the bright side and tries to figure out how to solve the problem. He is good under pressure, but he's not afraid to get mad, and go berserk when he absolutely needs to. When he is berserk, he is a mean, rude and a very strong person. Also when he's berserk he pretty much has no control of himself, so what he does during this is unpredictable.


Jake Demo was born in 1988 to a Mother who was a warrior. The mother always went with the Father and went for hunt, while Jake and his younger Brother, played Checkers all the way long. But one day, The mother didn't return back with the father. Only the father came back, and brought back horrible news. Jake's mother got killed and mauled by a huge grizzly bear. Jake and his younger brother went into a deep depression. But his younger brother always said "Keep your chin up high Jake, you will never know what happens in the future." Jake always told himself this everytime something went wrong, and he followed it. Jake Demo then in the future saw his younger brother, suddenly just disappear from his life. He doesn't know if he will see him ever again, but he still looks toward the future. At Age 26, he has joined the Knight class to avenge his mother, by becoming a warrior just like she was. 


Average Agility: He can most likely dodge things that come to him.

Enhanced Strength: His strength exceeds the average of a normal Human, by around 2.3x.

Low Endurance: When he is berserk, he loses a lot of his energy and can pass out of exhaustion within 2 hours of being in his Berserk mode.

Enhanced Durability: Since he has his iron armor, his durability is much much higher than if he wasn't wearing it. He can sustain multiple attacks, but there is gonna be a time when he cannot sustain any longer.

Average Intelligence: His intelligence is normal compared to others, but is a genius when under pressure.. 


Experience Gold Rank Level
0 0 Knight 1
Pvp Record
Opponent Outcome
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