Jason Gavin
Jason Gavin
Jason Gavin
Debut April 16th 2014
Epithet The Spider-Spy
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Hazel
Height 5'10
Weight 165
Age 17
Professional Status
Occupation Ninja
Bounty 0
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Relative(s) Deceased

Jason Gavin is a ninja.


Jason is different then the regular Ninja. While the average ninja is most of the time serious Jason is more of a wise cracking type person. He's always been sarcastic and isn't very well liked by the other Ninja's. But he knows when to shut the hell up and get serious, Which is what his Mentor taught him to do.


Jason was born into the Ninja class, he's trained since he was 5 years old and has reached his physical Peak at only 17. Jason was always a very shy person in school, he never talked to anyone that much and only had one friend which he hasn't seen in years. He was always seen as the nerd and the lame one in school, but no one knew of his true strength and power. Once Jason got a black belt in 2 Martial arts he decided not to be like his other colleages he didn't rely on stealth as much as they did and didn't wear dark clothes. Jason finished his training faster than anyone else has, mastering 2 martial arts in 2 months. After the dust had settled Jason Decided to call himself The Spider-Ninja but he is not done training


High Agility: Jason can dodge most attacks and has Super fast reflexes. Almost fast enough to dodge automatic fire.

Enhanced Strength: Jason pushed himself harder than the other ninja's can lift up to 250 pounds which is way more than the average ninja can lift.

High Intellect: Jason is so smart that he can hack into Super computers and Alien technology. He has nearly all straight A's in all his grades.

Enhanced durability: Jason can withstand most attacks and has a very strong immunity to poisonous gasses. He has been known to survive being shot.

20/20 Vision: Jason has 20/20 vision and is able to see things from far away. Due to this, his eyes work very well in the night time. 


Experience Gold Rank Level
100 Spy 1
Pvp Record
Opponent Outcome
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