Kaze is a Gunman Mercenary from Xerious City.     

Jack "Kaze" Collison
Epithet None
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Hazel
Height 6"4
Weight 194 lbs
Age 27
Professional Status
Bounty 0
Personal Status
Status Alive

Physical DescriptionEdit

Kaze is a tall muscular man with pale skin and long brown hair that is wavy.


Kaze is a very money, and power hungry man. He is very selfish, unless the help he's getting is for a reward. Kaze is very confident and will actually do whatever it takes to get money.


Average Strength: Kaze is on a naturally strength level, as he does not or has never attempted to body build. He has the strength to lift about 175 pounds on each arms, or even more on both.

Enhanced Speed: Kaze has never had the named Kaze, its actually a nickname he was given for his speed as he can "move as the speed of wind". Low Durability: Due to his slick armor, stature, and being an body build, he can easily be hurt by Knights, Vikings, and Samurai, those in whom use blades. He can take hits from brawlers and such, but still can take small damage such as a blade to the arm or a small slice to the gut. High Intellect: Kaze was self taught and is now very very well educated. He has the ability to use his intellect to use technology and planning and architecure design.

Average Endurance: Kaze is not very built, but he is very very fit. Kaze was self-trained in Parkour, Acrobatics, and Gymnastics. As well as simple Martial Arts of no specific orgin.


Experience Gold Rank Level
0 1000 Officer 1
Pvp Record
Opponent Outcome
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