April 16, 2014 | Wednesday AfternoonEdit

From Zerxes finally becoming a full fledged Archer after finishing the Archer Academy, he was now at the official Archer HQ, and there stood before him, was the leader of the Archers himself.

Allen Green

"Hello there, young archer," says the leader. "I am Allen Green, leader of the archers. What is your name?

"H-Hello! I'm Zerxes!" Zerxes says in reply.

"Nice to meet you Zerxes," says Allen as he reaches his hand forward for a handshake.

Zerxes firmly shakes his hand. "Its a pleasure," He says.

"Well, now that you are an archer, are you ready for your first mission?" asks Allen in a happy manner.

"Yessir," Zerxes replies instantly and anxiously.

"I'm glad to hear that," says Allen with a smile. "Since you're a ranger, your job will be to do things in the forest. I'll give a choice of two things to do. You can either fight an evil tree or go into a cave of Lizardmen who has been attacking our citizens sacrificing them to their non-existent god. So those are your choices Zerxes!"

"I'll take on the Lizardmen... I'm on this alone, r-right?" Zerxes asks cautiously.

"Yes you are in this alone," says Allen. "If you ever get in danger, you can just call for reinforcements." Allen gives Zerxes a Ranger badge.

~Zerxes receives a Ranger badge~

"Press this badge and it will send out a signal to fellow rangers," says Allen.

"Thank you, Allen. I shall remember you on my journey, I am ready to get going now." Zerxes replies happily.

"Good," says Allen. Allen shoots his arrow at nothing and it opens a portal.

Allen Arrow

"Well, until next time," says Allen. Allen points to the portal.

Zerxes steps through hesitately and appears on the other side.

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