January 18th 2014 | Saturday | MorningEdit

Crashing down from the sky came the first three warriors of Erol. Each being from a different class. One being a Knight, another being an Archer, and the last but not least, a Brawler. They were all crashing down in a different area in a city being very far a part. The first journey...starts here in Erol!

Hart Twilight, the Knight dives through the sky as he enters into the area of Newb York. He uses his agility to maneuver through the air as he dodges the buildings, and in a matter of seconds he lands causing a boom, which drives attention through the citizens around him. "Woah," he says.

Zerxes, the Archer slowly descends on to his feet. "So, this is where I was assigned..." Zerxes says as he looks around the city, impressed as its very huge and advanced compared to his forest village. He then begins down the sidewalk, cautiously.

Arris Taylor, the Brawler gets out of his ship, stands up and looks around "So this is where I was exiled to?" Arris says as he looks around. He sees the city and walks towards it, confused by this new world.

Behind him his ship, which he came in has somewhat been compressed by the pressure of the crash taking the shape of the pose Arris was him. This is what has left the mark of a new man to Earth.

Arris Arrives

People surrounded Hart, as they were wondering about the noise coming from where he landed, which was south. "You new to town," asked a person. Hart surprised did not answer but he decided to jump from building to building using his agility to get to the top of a roof. Him being curious about the city needed a better view of where he would go first on his new journey.

When Zerxes arrived to the North East district officers of the city look at him suspiciously due to the fact he is wearing a hood. The fact of him waking around cautiously reinforces the idea of him possibly being a troublemaker, but they make no certain moves as they don't know for sure. But they decide to keep an eye on him.

Back where Arris is, which was South East, no where is around but the pressure and soundwaves of his ship crashing notifies everyone, as they sound of people's voices and footsteps get closer and closer to Arris.

Arris looks around "I know someone is near by here" he says while he hears people coming closer to him.

Zerxes cuts down an alley in a quick fashion. He then hides swiftly. He was in belief that the police were bad guys intending to hurt him. He, growing up in a small village in the forest.

Hart stays on top of the building as he hears and sees people going to a location, from his view. Curious of what it is he jumps off the building and makes his way to the sound.

"He must be a troublemaker if he's running," said the officers. The officers shot their movement censors down the alley to track Zerxes's movements. "We'll see just who this shady guy is," the officer said again.

Arris turns around to find a croud of people standing behind him. Arris in shock looks around at all the people."WHAT?! WHAT DO YOU WANT?!" He yells at the people.

Zerxes is standing in the alley, he has his hands up and is speaking for peace, "Please, my brothers. No need for the violence of your sorts. I'm just here on an assignment, I suggest you stop. Or else.."

Hart arrives to the scene just above some housing areas. He hears a man dressed up in a blue suit and red cape scream, and steps back as he is scared. But he is not the only one stepping back; the people who were so eager to see him became so eager to step back as they believed he was a monster. Except one man who stood in front of the housing area as if he was interested in the man in the blue suit, which was Arris.

Lax Debut

The man stood there and began to speak. "Hmm it appears you are new to this city," said the man. "I am Lax, and I will be more than glad to help you around if you help me."

While that was happening, the officers in the North East begin to confront Zerxes calmly, except this time in a peaceful manner. "Sorry sir, we just needed to take our precautions as officers," said an officer. Both of them but their hands up as a sign to show they mean no harm. The other officer asked "So are you one of those new Class Members, and if so what class are you in?"

Arris turns back around and looks at Lax "Why would I want to help you in the first place?" Arris says as he looks at Lax mysteriously.

Zerxes slowly puts his hands down. "Good to meet your peace, good sirs. I'm a ranger of the archers. Sent here as all new recruits of all sorts" Zerxes says, informatively. "This is just a cowl to protect myself, and my identity. A marksman of the shadows I am." Zerxes finishes. 

Hart sits there amused at the scene going down and just watches with a huge smile. "I never thought visiting a new place would be so fun!," he says in amazement.

"You would want to help me, because I would be able to get these people from calling you a freak, and if they think you're a freak they'll turn you into scientist for experimentation," said Lax, with a serious face. "I'm sure you wouldn't want that. Now let me ask you again, would you like me to help you in turn for you helping me?"

"Ooooohh you're a ranger," said one of the officers. "I have just the thing for you." The officer hands Zerxes a badge to put inside of his clothes. "It's a Ranger badge to represent and show proof you are a ranger," said the other officer.

~Zerxes has earned Ranger Badge~

"Now that you have the badge, are you ready to set out to the forest, or no?," said the first officer. "If not just come back to this exact same spot when you're ready, we'll be waiting here," said the other officer.

~Both Officers now glow with light through Zerxes's vision, with him now being able to find them by the light whenever he is anywhere in the city~

"Fine then I'll help you" Arris said reluctantly. "What do you need?"

"Thank you, I appreciate your consideration, o-officers" Zerxes says, sorta suprised. "So, what now, what should I go from here and do what?" Zerxes asks the officers. 

Hard laid on his stomach across the roof getting more and more interested in the scene. He peaked his head over to get a better view and listen of what was happening.

"In the Universe of Erol, there are many classes," said Lax. "I am apart of the Brawler class, and judging by your appearance and attire, I think you would be perfect for the class. So would you accept my offer on joining?"

The officers looked at Zerxes and began to explain to him what a Ranger does. "Rangers in the Archer class go out into the forest and watch it," said the officer. "Now once again are you ready to set out there, or no?," said the other officer.

"Okay, I'll join I always did consider myself a skilled hand to hand fighter" Arris said as he examines his surroundings.

~Arris has officially joined the Brawler class~
~Arris gains 500 EXP~

"Yes, as a ranger, I'm always ready for patrolling the forest and I will" Zerxes says as he accepts his mission and is ready.

Hart gasp in amazement as he sees a new person just now join a class.

"Now I promised to help you," said Lax. "I don't break my promises. Everyone leave, everything he has just now done is a street performance!"

From Lax's information everyone leaves and loses their curiosity and fear and all walk away.

"Here are a few tips. People were drawn to you because the loud noise, so they were curious about you," said Lax. "Try not to draw too much attention to yourself here. Now I must leave, you're on your own for now. Good luck."

Lax disappears from the scene and now Arris is free to roam around without disturbance.

As Zerxes accepts his mission he is instantly transported to the forest area in the mountains as he lands hard on his butt.

~Zerxes has received Transportation Crystals x3~

As Zerxes lands on the ground he feels new items in his clothes, which are the crystals. The environment he is in is pretty cold and clear with a mountain on the side of him.

"Hmm what do do..." Arris says as he looks around. Arris sees Hart on the roof "HEY YOU! UP THERE ON THE ROOF!"

Zerxes stands, he pulls his bow from his back, and 5 arrows from his quiver to have them ready. He begins to lurk around, in search of trouble or hostiles. "Lonely out here...Love it." Zerxes says to himself.

Hart looks up at Arris and gets grin. "Hey there my name is Hart!," he says in a happy manner as he points to himself with his thumb. "Congratulations on joining a class! I'm apart of the Knight class!"

As Zerxes lurks around through the mountain range, he faces three paths. One into a dark swampy area, another into more forest area with a lot of bushes, and the last one into a cave that leads into the mountain.

Arris looks up at Hart "Yeah I'm Arris, I'm a brawler!"

Zerxes, bravely walks through the swamp area, not having a torch on him, he had no choice. The swamp seemed less likely to hold inhabitants, but it was too late. Zerxes was already down the road, and ready to go.

"Awesome!" exclaimed Hart. Hart was happy to have a conversation with someone like him.

Meanwhile as Zerxes ventured through the swamp area and it was now night time. For hours he had been going through the area and as he ventured further, a lady with a crystal ball was waiting there.

Madam Luna Debut

"As I can see from my crystal ball, it appears you didn't want to go into the cave area because you didn't have a torche," said the lady. "Well I give you my moonlight to help you. Think of it as a favor and nothing more."

Now being night time, Hart and Arris were discussing for hours. Hart was just about ready to go. "Alright see you later Arris!" he said happily. He used his Key Sword to unlock a housing area to sleep in there for the night.

Arris walks into the city "Wow look at this world it's so spectacular" Arris said in amazment as he walked down the street of Newb York.

"I'm hours down this road already, no need of turning back now. Thank you anyways." Zerxes says as he denies the offer and continues down the road with his bow and 5 arrows drawn. 

January 20th 2014 | Monday | EveningEdit

In the sky there was a new person arriving to Newb York who was crashing down. This time the class was a Gunman. Where he was landing was heading straight for a few feet outside the town gate.

In another spot of Newb York Hart is walking. After two days of being in Newb York, Hart wants to explore the city. He begins to walk down to a district of the city and looks around amazed at the bright lights. "Awesome," he says.

Arris has been walking around Newb York for days exploring. "Hmm I can't walk around in my Armor. I have to find some other clothes I can wear and a place to stay" Arris said as he walked.

Zerxes, now miles down the road surrounded by the swampy terrain still has his bow and five arrows drawn and is patrolling. He hasn't stumbled upon any trouble at all in his two days. He thinks to himself.. "I should have went through the cave" he thinks as he walks.

Welkin Gunther was the Gunman, and calmly surveyed his surroundings after landing, noticing Newb York, and promptly stepping towards the gate/entrance.

Hart stood there looking up and wanted to observe for a little bit longer.

As Arris was walking he eventually arrived to a bridge where they were constructing for Newb York. Constructor workers floating on platforms looking at Arris. "Hey there, good evening, this bridge is currently in construction," said one of the workers.

Zerxes was finally out of the swampy terrain and he now saw the mountains again. There was a lake separating this area of the mountain now on the otherside of the mountain were archers who were aiming at Zerxes. The mountains led up to a brick road to a brick prison where horses where archers riding on horses were going down the road from the prison going towards Zerxes. "For Ogretree!" yelled all the archers.


When Welkin stepped towards the gate a censor scanned him showing he was good to come in. The gates opened and behind the gates were two officers. "Welcome to Newb York, judging by the attire I'd say you are a gunman," said one of the officers. "Am I correct?"

Arris Turned towards the construction workers "Hey, do you have a change of clothes I could borrow and when will the bridge be done?" Arris said.

Zerxes stops in his tracks. "I'm an archer, I'm a ranger on patrol! I come in peace from Newb City! Don't shoot!" Zerxes exclaims to the members of his class as they aim down at him. 

"Ah, yes, you are." Welkin said, slowly putting his rifle onto a strap on his back, made for holding both rifles and machine guns.

"Sorry we don't have any extra clothes, and the bridge will be done by Friday," said the construction man.

Zerxes had discovered these archers were not the good archers, as they did not care if he was in Newb York, and had creatures enslaved. As a good ranger his role is to protect animals and nature. As a bad ranger they would protect animals and nature and use it for their own bidding. Will Zerxes take the path of good where he frees the Ogres or take the path of evil where he joins the bad archers?

"Well that's perfect," said the officer. "Because Officer is the first rank of a Gunman, and I'd like to recruit you on the squad. Do you accept my offer?"

"Hey uh I could help you guys build the bridge if Yah want" Arris exclaimed.

"So, you aren't the type I am? Alright... EAT IT" Zerxes says as he locks on to one archer, and shoots, he then does the same at the other archers in a repeating cycle, shooting them with arrows as he pulls them from his quiver and fire.

Welkin quickly put his hand to his brow, in a standard salute. "Yes sir!"

"We don't have a machine for you to lift things, so I don't know how you can help sir," said the construction man confused.

Before the archers could even fire they are all shot down by Zerxes. The archers on the horses quickly reacted shooting long powerful arrows at him.

"Glad to have another person on the squad," said the officer. "Your first quest is to travel to the Asylum and put the prisoners in check. I warn you though, they are crazy. Do you accept? if not come back when you're ready."

Arris jumps down to where the construction Workers were."Look at this" Arris said as he grabbed one of the metal beams. Arris lifts the Beam above his head "So can I help now?"

Zerxes evades easily with his enhanced speed. He then fires more arrows at the horseback archers as well.

"Yes, sir. However, is lethal force allowed or not?..My weapons are made for military battles, where fatalities are to be expected," Welkin says.

"Yes help and if you somehow are fast, we can build it by today!" said the construction worker.

The archers are able to easily dodge Zerxes's arrows as their horses give them high speed. They are now closer to him crossing over the river. Zerxes can hear the Ogres screaming now with their chains shaking.

"Hahaha, you'll see when you get there," said the officer with a strange grin. Welkin is transported to a helicopter on the way to the Asylum.

"Okay Just giver me some tools to do so and I'll get right to work." Arris said as he held the metal beam above his head.

Zerxes shoots the horse's legs then shoots at the archers on their backs, shooting at them one by one as they cross.

"A..Ah!" Welkin quickly panicked slightly, before realizing what happend, and promptly calming down. As the helicopter went, he pulled out his Gallian-1 and began checking for any broken pieces, or if it jammed.

"Here ya go," says the construction man. The construction worker gives Arris the tools happily as he gets back to work.

The archers all appear to be on their last bit of health. Zerxes is now faced with two situations. The first situation is if he'll keep the horses or one of the horses and take it to the hospital or leave them there to die. The other situation is if he'll take the archer's arrows which are long arrows that are lethal and powerful.

When Welkin checked if his gun was broken or jammed it was just fine. The helicopter was flying over the ocean now.

Arris runs over to the Bridge faster than he thought he ever could "Woah..I just ran Super fast, so maybe I have Super speed too," says Arris. Arris got to work Immediately and finished building the bridge with the workers in less than an hour.

Zerxes shoots the archers to be sure they are dead, and loots their bodies for arrows. He ties the Horses to a sign to return to help them. He runs into the prison in which he has intentions in to release the ogres and he does so.

~Zerxes gains 20 long arrows~

Welkin also decided to check how many grenades he had, They weren't all that lethal, but could blow up basic defenses.

By the time the hour was done it was now night time. The construction workers rewarded Arris with gold, and Arris learned more about building.

~Arris gains 200 gold~
~Arris has Level One Building Skills~

The chains were taking forever to break and the Ogres were finally free an hour later. The Ogres being mad from the chains began to look at Zerxes with an angry look as they began to unexpectedly charge at him with their claws. One claw hits Zerxes before he can even react and Zerxes is bleeding now being slowed down.

The helicopter had now arrived to the Asylum and the Asylum appeared to be a city. The man in the helicopter attaches something to Welkin's back.

~Welkin is equipped with a Parachute~

Welkin's grenades were fine and suddenly he got pushed out of the helicopter down to the "Asylum."

"Alright, Bye guys" Arris says as he runs away. Arris realized he is gaining speed the more and more he runs."WOOH! THIS IS FUN!"

Zerxes makes his way out, holding his wound, he uses his strong arm to throw two crystals to the horses in which teleports them to the Newb York City hospital, he then uses the remainder to teleport away, avoiding the harm of the now free ogres.

"Oh fu-" Welkin realized the parachute was on his back, and quickly tried to activate it, a rather grim song about para-chute safety ringing in his ears.

As Arris is running, he isn't paying attention and runs straight into the gate. The gate doesn't break because it's strong.

Zerxes and his horses are all teleported ironically in front of a hospital.

The Ogres now have a scent of Zerxes from scratching him and smelling his blood. Now the Ogres began to travel too Zerxes's scent in Newb City. The archers have now turned Ogres against all humans.

"AHHH" Arris says as he hit the gate.Arris flew back a little bit "Hmm Maybe I can combine my super Strength and Speed and do a Super jump" Arris ran back a little.He ran back towards the gate and ducked his head down charging the jump.He put his head back up and launched himself in the air and went over the gate.

Now in Newb York, Zerxes is healed and is happy that the horses are getting treatment. He then begins to travel around Newb York.

Arris now over the gate sees trees flying left and right and what appears to be some type of monster causing it. With every step of the monster there are more shockwaves and shockwaves.

While Zerxes is travelling he sees the new bridge, and comes across a library.

Arris lands in the forest and Sees the monster from afar "Woah what is that thing? It looks like an oversized old man" Arris said as he looked at the monster.

As Zerxes is travelling, he says to himself. "Bridge Looks nice.." as he walks into the library, he walks straight down a row of book shelves, picking out a book on Archery and begins to stand and read.

~From freeing the ogres and defeating the evil archers, Zerxes gains 450 EXP~

The monster began to raise his claw into the air. Judging by the size and the power of the monster, the attack would be impossible to dodge or block without dying, so the only choice for Arris is to counter before the claw drops.

As Zerxes is scrolling through the Archery book he comes across the page that talks about a technique called, Charge Shot which is a technique where you use your Mana to vibrate the wire of the Bow while pulling it back to make the distance, speed, and power increase on the arrow putting an aura around it.

"OH CRAP" Arris said as he saw the claw in the air. He jumps towards the monster as it looks at him.

Arris vs Ogre

As he jumps toward it he lands on it's claw grabbing it to counter the attack.

Zerxes is very interested in the page, he takes the book to the person at the counter and asks, "Do you know anything about this... Charge Shot?" he asks gracefully and with a smile.

Arris successfully stopped the attack but now the Ogre swung his arm launching Arris into the wall of Newb York.

The person at the counter being a Librarian and answered "No sorry, I'm not an archer." "You should be able to read the directions."

"You've taken me the wrong way, good sir! Haha" Zerxes laughed, "Do you know where I can find more on this is what I mean. Hehe." Zerxes replies.

"Yeah we have a Classes section," said the librarian. "Just look on the shelf that says Archer at the top. I don't even know how that archer book got in the section you found it. You mind putting it back for me in the Archer section?"

"Sure, sir." Zerxes said respectffully as he walks over to the Archer section. He places the book back, and grabs 4 more archery books. He sits at a table and begins to read one. He had memoriesed Charge Shot and just had to try it out.

As Zerxes grabs more books he sees another technique called Meteor Arrow where the arrow is shot directly upwards and is enchanted with Mana to come straight down and catch on fire like a meteor.

Zerxes exclaims loudly, "WHOA!". The sound echoes through the library and rings in everyone's ears. He says softly, "Sorry" as he sits back down and continues reading.

Arris put his fists infront of him as he headed toward the wall."OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!" Arris screamed as he was heading to the wall.

Welkin had arrived back in Newb York, only partially at best completing the job he was assigned, but was still overall paid for his efforts.

Welkin had proceeded to go exploring around the city, hoping to find some easier jobs or teammates, he wasn't all that good as a loner.

The smack against the wall had made a loud noise notifying the guards of the gate. They looked through the camera and saw the ogre, and began to notify everyone through speakers to evacuate the city, due to the fact there is an Ogre outside the gate.

This caused everyone in the city and in the library to begin to evacuate. Also causing Zerxes to hear the notification.

Hart also heard the notification, and thought of it now as something for him to finally do. He begin running towards the gate using his agility to maneuver from building to building.

To Welkin's luck more Gunman officers were running towards the gate where the helicopter dropped him off. The officers said "Come on and help us fight the ogre newbie."

Zerxes, grabbed the 4 books and places them in a bag as he walks out and see's. "Perhaps I should help" Zerxes says as he pulls his bow and 5 long arrows as he runs to their help.

Arris fell down to the ground. "Oww he said as he landed on his face, he got up and yelled at the ogre "BRING IT ON!". He ran towards the Ogre.

"Yes sir!" Welkin saluted, before running to the gate, while also loading a new clip into his rifle.

Everyone now eventually arrived to the scene.

~Boss Battle Mode~

The Ogre replied to Arris attacking with a stomp of his foot to release a shockwave across the ground. A roar is now released at all the officers, including Welkin!

Hart looked at Zerxes. "Hey I'm Hart," he says with a big smile. "You look like an archer, so if you are, cover me so I can get in closer to land a good attack."

"Truth is, this thing is here for me. You seem very skilled with that keyblade there, alright, I'll do whatever it takes" Zerxes replies to hart as he stops in his tracks and starts firing at the ogre. Afraid that it will affect his moralities as a ranger, he had to protect the city.

Arris Jumped towards the ogre before the shockwave reached him."Take this!" Arris said as he headed towards the ogre's face and gave it a strong punch.

Welkin began firing at ogre, targeting the eyes. Those were the standard area to fire at, as most soldiers had protective helmets, but they would never be able to completely cover the things they need to see.

The arrows began hitting the Ogre making him very mad and he now saw Zerxes was here. He began to charge towards him but as he was, he lost his sight from a sudden shot at his eyes, which was followed up with a punch from Arris making him stumble back.

~Bond created between Welkin and Arris~

Hart began running towards the Ogre with his Key Sword in his hand ready to swing. He used his great jumping ability to do an aerial attack at the Ogre's neck to completely make him fall on the ground. The Ogre began to fall and as he was falling, Hart jumped off of the falling body onto the wall. The Ogre fell and a shockwave travelled across the ground, as the Ogre was grounded.

Zerxes runs out more, getting a better shot of the Ogre. He fires multiple Charge Shots into the Ogre's side.

Arris falls down and lands on the ground."AH this is fun!" Arris exclaimed, he jumped up into the air, fell down and landed on the ogre's face. He continued to pummel it.

Hart looked at Arris in disappointment. "He's already blind no need to attack him anymore!" exclaimed Hart. "He's defeated, but now we have to figure out why the Ogre was here for this guy." Hart points to Zerxes as he says that, expecting him to answer.

~Boss defeated~
~All participants gain 800 EXP~

All the guards and officers look at Zerxes in confusement.

Zerxes says, while talking softly, "He was here after me. I free'd him from a prison, he, not understanding, attacked me. I have to put others in front of myself, and the lives of the citizens are more important to me than my own." Zerxes then walks to the ogre. 

"I'm sorry, Sometimes I get overwhelmed in a battle and take over my Enemies. Now that I have these new powers I don't know what I'm capable of." Arris Explained to Hart.

Welkin slowly put his gun back, wondering who these people were.

The sheriff commanded his detectives to go investigate the Ogre and restrain it to the ground. He then looks at Zerxes and says "So he was imprisoned?" "And that most likely means there are more because no one would imprison just one. Would you mind showing us where this prison was? Also would any of you people who helped like to come along?"

"I would!" exclaimed Hart with excitement. "I'm always up to explore and go on a new adventure!"

"Yeah sure, I would be glad to come along" Arris said to the Sherrif.

"Me, as well." Welkin said. "But, is there any areas for ammo and the such? I'm beginning to run low on grenades and clips.."

"Of course," said the Officer. "We're a team of officers of course we have ammo."

Zerxes lead everyone on the journey to Ogretree, and they all arrived the next day.

"So, we're here. This is where I defeated the archers and got the horses. I teleported away with my crystals before he got too angry. He struck me down I hardly got away." Zerxes says pointing at the cages and the dead bodies.

January 21st 2014 | Tuesday | MorningEdit

"So, we're here. This is where I defeated the archers and got the horses. I teleported away with my crystals before he got too angry. He struck me down I hardly got away." Zerxes says pointing at the cages and the dead bodies. 

"Who's Bodies are those" Arris asked Zerxes "Are those the Archer's you defeated?"

"Alright, good." Welkin said, glad that he wouldn't be forced into a melee.

"Ah this is Ogretree," said the officer. The officer looks at the chains and observes them. "I know where these are from. We should find clues up the mountain."

"Yeah, they dropped like flies. Huh? You know where they're from?! Where have you seen them before?" Zerxes exclaims, then calms. Waiting reply, he sits and begins to read his third archer book as the Officer investigates.

"Hey Sherrif, do you want me to help?" Arris asked.

"No, there's nothing you can do to help," the officer says as puts down the chain and makes his way up the mountain.

Zerxes closes the book, puts it away and follows the officer up the mountain.

"I could get all of you up the Mountain faster" Arris told the Sherrif.

"How exactly will you do that?" the Sheriff asks to Arris.

Zerxes continues walking. "Best keep going, don't want to be dropped on my ass anytime soon."

"By doing this" Arris said.Arris picked up the sherrif and Super Sped up the Mountain.Arris did the same for everyone else.

Zerxes continues to walk, reading his archery book as he does. By the time everyone arrives up the mountain it is now night time. And it seems the ogres were smart enough to build a tube right were they were waiting. They were equipped with blasters, making it official that someone was behind this.

Ogre Equipped

"How the heck did an ogre get hold of a weapon?!" asks Hart in surprise as his Key Sword appears in his hands ready to battle.

The officers quickly searched the place for more Ogres and weapons, while the Sheriff goes further to peak where the tube leads too. "Good it leads to the other side of the mountain," said the Sheriff. "You guys fight the Ogres while we guard the entrance."

Zerxes puts his book away swiftly and runs to the front of the officers, and the group. He attempts to stop them. "At least attempt to make peace! We can't just slay them with no reason! No Archer would agree by these terms!" Zerxes exclaims.

"Yeah he's Right they haven't done anything to us..Yet" Arris yells,

"I know the head of the Archers and Archers only refuse to harm wildlife," said the Sheriff. "These are not wildlife Ogres."

While Zerxes is distracted, the middle Ogre begins blasting at him, shooting mana energy.

Hart charges at the blue Ogre on the left. "Lets go!" he yells.

Zerxes runs and ducks behind a boulder. "Alright, you're correct! Lets get 'em!" Zerxes says as he comes out and fires 3 Meteor Shots, using normal arrows and not his long arrows. 

Arris looks at the last ogre. "I'll do you just like I did that other ogre, BRING IT ON!!!!" Arris says as he darts towards the Ogre.

As Hart charges towards the Ogre many shots are fired. He uses his agility to maneuver around the shots from left to right and slashes the Ogre with his Key Sword.

Zerxes having never done the move or trained in it, along with it being an advanced move, messed up on the first two shots which just fell down on the ground with nothing happening. The third shot works but it does not catch on fire.

~Ogre is stunned from arrow in his body~
~Now an opening for Zerxes~

When Arris darts towards the Ogre he gets aimed at perfectly by the Ogre's gun as the Ogre fires a shot called Plasma Shot which has burning effects.

From Arris seeing the Ogre he remembered his experience with the Ogre that attacked Newb York. The shockwave idea appears in his head and realizes it can be used.

~Arris learns Shockwave~

The officers still sit at the entrance looking out as they still see no more ogres.

Zerxes continues to fire, shooting 5 charged shots into the legs of the ogre.

Arris jumps up high in the air. "Ooh I hope this works" Arris comes back down with his fists infront of him. "DEATH FROM ABOVE"! Arris yells as he comes down with a huge shockwave.

The first shot from Zerxes is successful, but the other 4 shots that were attempted are easily stopped as the stun wheres off and the Ogre shoots Zerxes before the 4 shots can be fired. Zerxes takes a burning effect which makes him weaker and makes him lose life at a constant rate. The Ogre now shoots at the boulder beginning to melt through it.

Arris is lucky as him jumping in the air helps him dodge the shot, and he comes down with a shockwave knocking the Ogre back making him lose his gun. Ogre is now defenseless.

~Ogre is stunned from shockwave~
~Two openings for Arris: One from the stun and another because the Ogre is defenseless~

The Ogre shoots at Hart from close range but Hart uses his Key Sword to defend against the attack.

Zerxes dives to another slowly. He puts his mana together to preform another meteor shot from the last breathes of his strength.

Arris runs up to the ogre "Take this!" Arris jumped up and met the Ogre with an uppercut.

Hart quickly did a combo on the Ogre finishing him off defeating him. "Ha didn't even get hit once," said Hart smiling.

Zerxes uses up all of his Mana doing the Meteor Shot and this time it works. The arrow comes down on fire hitting the Ogre as it now makes the Ogre catch on fire having a burning effect on him, making him lose strength and life. This also makes the Ogre lose his weapon in which he charges at Zerxes fast with his horn. So fast Zerxes won't have time to react with an arrow.

Arris made contact but not with the Ogre's chin, instead with his mouth. Arris's fist was inside the Ogre's mouth and the Ogre bit him making him lose strength in whatever hand he punched with.

Zerxes dives down to the side, causing the ogre to crash into a boulder. Zerxes gets up and uses the spikes on his bow to jab the ogre in the side of the head. 

Arris clenches his hand "AHHHHHHHHH YOU BIT MY DAMN HAND!" Arris screams. Arris rapidly punches the Ogre's stomach.

The Ogre that Zerxes was facing was now defeated. The Ogre falls to the floor now dying.

As Arris Rapidly punches the Ogre's stomach, the Ogre throws up blood and slime and eventually falls out on the floor knocked out.

~Ogre defeated~
~Everyone gets 100 EXP~
~Everyone gains Ogre slime which can be drinken to replenish health~
~Arris gains Super Enhanced hearing from the Ogre bite~

With Arris being bitten from the Ogre he is now blessed with enhanced hearing. But now Arris can hear so well it might even be a curse.

"Seemed easy enough, eh?" Zerxes says, drawing more arrows. "Just a... few more" he says.

Arris looked around. "GAHHHHHHHH" he screamed and fell down to the ground.Arris could hear everything around the world. From kids playing to the sounds of the ocean. Arris cuffed his ears.

January 24th 2014 | Friday | AfternoonEdit

Three days had passed now. Zerxes, Arris, and Hart were in the lava river of the Fuji Dragon Shrine.

Two new warriors are now falling from the sky above Newb York. These two warriors are also different classes. One being a Ninja and the other being a Reaper. These new set of warriors are all crashing down in different areas of the city. This will be their first journey in the world of Erol!

Stryder Hayabusa, the Ninja kicks himself off of a wall of a building and uses his chainsicle to hang onto a wall. "Where am I?" He hangs on edge and looks out into the city. "Looks like I"m stuck here. I wonder where I am." He climb up and begins scouting the city from the rooftop.

Shi Senshi, the Reaper tactically grabs onto one the ledge of one of the buildings before he hits the ground. He jumps from building to building going lower and lower until he hits the ground. "Where am I?" he says as he looks around with curiosity. 

As Stryder was on the roof, he notices the area he is in is like a factory industrial area. Alongside it is the famous Newb York bridge that was just built a few days ago. At the bottom is a ship, where no one is around to guard it. This can be an opportunity for Stryder to steal it or ignore it.

Stryder intro

When Shi hits the ground he somehow lands on the ground of what appears to be the inside of a clocktower.

Shi Intro

"Well If I"m stuck here I should atleast know where I am." Stryder then climbs down to street level to look for anyone who can tell him where he his.

"Is this some kind of.... clocktower? Perhaps I should investigate this place and figure out where exactly I am. " Shi proceeds to walk around the clocktower for a little bit seeing if he can find anything or anyone to help him find a way out and back to civilization. 

As Stryder climbs down he sees people standing on the bridge, as they appear to be construction workers.

As Shi investigated the tower he arrived to the bottom where he saw the glass doors which led to the outside.

Stryder runs to the bridge where the workers are. "Could you tell me where I am?" 

Shi quickly makes his way through the glass doors which lead him outside. 

The workers look at Stryder. "You're in Newb York!" yelled the worker. "Don't you know that? Judging by your weapons, you're a ninja aren't you? If you are we have a job for you."

As Shi makes his ways through the glass doors, he notices the clock tower is also a train station.

Train Station

After a short sigh Stryder replies. "What is this job?" He then thinks to himself "It's been a while since I've let the Cipher loose.

Shi walks around outside and looks around him in awe. "Hmmm, so this is a clock tower... and some kind of train station? Interesting. But where is everyone? There must be some people around here somewhere that I can talk to figure out what this place is." Shi continues to walk around outside looking for anyone he can talk too. 

The construction workers reply to Stryder. "There are Ogres lurking around the factory, that is why it is so empty. Do you mind taking them out for us?"

As Shi walks around outside, the train station guy calls him back inside. "There's an invasion of Ogres, you should hurry and get back in!"

"Shouldn't be a problem. Consider them dealt with." He quickly runs off the bridge toward the direction of the factory. 

Shi hears the man yelling and quickly runs back inside of the clock tower. He runs up to the man and says "Orges? Where? What is going on and where am I?". 

Stryder lands in the factory and hears something coming from the left of him.

Just as Shi says that, an Ogre sits in a dark corner staring at him with evil intents. "You're in Newb York and there's an Ogre by you!" yells the man.

Stryder quickly jumps to the right and readies the Cipher. "Show yourself!" 

Shi Senshi pulls out his scythe from the latch on his back, turns around, and swings it around and gets in a defensive position. "Newb York? Ha, puns. Interesting name. But now I gotta handle this ogre!". 

The Ogre comes out of the corner and slashes his claws at Stryder.

The Ogre charges at Shi, moving at an impressive speed for his size. He lets out a huge roar of Sonic Waves. Which is powerful enough to knock down the opponent.

Stryder quickly jumps over the Ogre and lowers the blade of the Cipher toward the back of it's neck.

Shi gets knocked down by the attack but quickly recovers and jumps above the Orge and comes down with a powerful slash to its head.

The Ogre is surprised at Stryder's quickness, and more Ogres come to the first Ogre's assistance. All the Ogres are caring wooden clubs and one big one with a sharp machete blade.

The Ogre guards the attack to the head, wounding his guard strength. But the aerial slash of the blade leaves an opening for the Ogre's lower body.

Stryder takes 3 kunai in his hands and throws them all at the ogre with the machete. He uses his hand that is on the Cipher to stab the first Ogre in the neck.

Shi, assuming that the Ogre had left open such an obvious weakness purposely took an extra precaution and quickly spun around the Ogre using his high level of speed and slashed directly through the Ogre's spine. 

The Ogre with the machete quickly deflected the kunai using the blade, then commanded the Ogres with the wooden clubs to rush attack Stryder. The first Ogre dies from the stab to the neck and falls on the floor.

The Ogre Shi was going against had got his back slashed open, and due to the attack on the spine. The Ogre had been paralyzed.

~Ogre Permanently Paralyzed~
~Fatality Available: Finish Him!~

The man in the train station gasps at the scene.

Stryder uses his speed to quickly move out of the Ogre's sight and hangs on a wall behind them. He aims 3 kunai at the back of three of their heads, then he jumps off of the wall and stabs down at the machete wielding Ogre.

Shi proceeds to slash the Ogre's body in half to finish it off. Afterwards, he walks back towards the train station man and says "Are you alright?". 

Three Ogres are executed by Stryder's headshots with his kunai. As Stryder tries to come down stabbing the machete wielding Ogre, the Ogre's amazing hearing help him hear Stryder's movements, making him able to counter with his machete. The collision of the weapons make both of them slide back across the ground.

The man gets a big grin. "Yes I am wonderful!"

~Shi gains 600 EXP~

"Judging by that big scythe, you're a reaper, correct?" ask the man in the train station.

Stryder sheathes the Cipher and takes out two kunai and uses them as daggers. He uses his speed to rapidly dash around the ogres and stabs at them as he does so.

"Yes, I am indeed a Reaper. Why do you ask?" Shi says as he puts his scythe back on his back. 

As Stryder dashes around each Ogre and stabs them they are all stunned. But the Ogre with the Machete counters his dash with a slash from the blade sending Stryder flying.

"I ask because I want to send you on a mission," says the train station worker. "I have a train leading into the forest. And I will pay you to find the source of the Ogres and defeat them."

"Damn, this one's no joke." Stryder throws and latches his chainsicle onto one of the stunned of the stunned Ogres and stabs it in the neck with one his kunai. He pulls out his chainsicle before throwing the same kunai at a second of the club weilding Ogres.

"Sure, why not? I'll gladly do it if it means ridding this world of evil. By the way... what is the name of this world? I'm not referring to the city by the way." says Shi. 

Stryder kills the one with the chainsicle and knocks out the one he throws the kunai at. The last one with the club and the one with the machete charge at Stryder trying to smash him.

"The name of this world of Erol of course," said the train worker. "You should know that. I'll get the train ready in a second."

At the last second, Stryder jumps into the air and allows the two Ogres to run past him and he drops down and plunges the Cipher at the club wielding orc's back.

"I see. This really isn't my home anymore is it? Oh well. I'll guess I'll be here for a while." Shi says as he follows the man at the train station to the train. 

The ogre with the club is stunned and there is an opening, and since the Ogre with the machete is turned the opposite direction, there is also an opening.

"You didn't know that," said the train station man. "The whole universe is called Erol. I wonder what you learned. Anywhere we're here." He opens the cart door for Shi.

Stryder jumps onto the club wielders' shoulders and stabs him in the neck with a kunai then jumps off of his shoulders and stabs the Cipher into the back of the machete weilder.

"Really? That's interesting. We have another name for "Erol" back home. But I don't feel like telling that story right now." says Shi as he enters the cart door. 

The Ogre stabbed with the Kunai dies, and the machete wielding Ogre falls on the floor knocked out.

The man closes the cart door and gets in the front of the train and begins to start it. "Be prepared to go on the Erol Express!" The train starts and a weird presence travels through the carts.

Stryder walks over to the fallen Ogre and stands to the side of it. "You were a worthy opponent. I will give you the honor of a swift death."  Stryder then raises the Cipher and decapitates the Ogre.

"Woah what was that?" says Shi as he feels a strange presence pass through him. "Something is... omninous about this place." says Shi as he sits down in a chair.

The Ogre is now dead.

~Stryder gains 800 EXP~
~Mission Complete~

Shi starts to hear something on the train speakers. "Help! Help!" he hears. Him being in the last cart has to travel across ten carts to get to the front. Bandits appear from behind the seats of the train are coming from the closets. The train is being jacked! There is a door at the ceiling of the cart to help him get to the top, and there is a door to the bottom to the storage of things.

Stryder returns to the bridge with the workers. "The ogres have been dealt with."

"I knew something was wrong! Don't worry I'm on my way!" says Shi as he pulls out his scythe and quickly rushes towards the ceiling of the cart. 

"Good," says the worker. "Here's your reward."

~Stryder receives 320 gold~

As Shi goes to to the top of the cart a bandit on a grappling hook comes swinging at him, as two others stand in their fighting stance in front and behind him.

Stryder takes the money and darts off into the distance, looking for a place to call home in this unfamiliar world.

Shi quickly slashes at the grappling hook to cut it in half and make the bandit fall. He proceeds to pick him up  using one hand with his strength and throw him into the bandit behind him. He quickly turns around and uses his speed to rush at the bandit in front of him and slash at the jugular vain located in his neck. 

The bandit that was thrown into the bandit behind Shi, was caught, and thrown back into Shi. The speed of the throw was fast enough to reach Shi before the slash on the front bandit hit. The bandit thrown grabbed Shi's arm that was slashing with the scythe and pulled it back into a hold to push Shi into the front bandit. The front bandit replied to the push with a kick to Shi's face.

As Stryder was darting off into a distance he heard something behind him. It was the Erol Express train!

Stryder quickly throws his climbsicle to latch on to, and reach the ceiling of the train.

As Shi was kicked and knocked back he grabbed the bandit who had grabbed onto him and threw him off the side of the moving train. He proceeded to spin around in circles in a tornado-like fashion wielding his scythe and holding it out as far as he could without letting going of it cutting the bandits behind him and in front of him.

As Stryder climbed to the top he noticed the site of Shi fighting the bandit.

The bandit was thrown off the train and most likely dead. When Shi spun around he sliced in half the bandit in front of him but the bandit behind him was too far away. The bandit now began to throw projectiles at Shi. Throwing four of them, one at a time.

Mean WhileEdit

A new warrior of Erol now dives into the city of Newb York. This time the class is a Pirate.

Greyson Queen, the new Pirate, falls down through the city. He stabs his sword into the side of a building to slow himself down and calmly hits the ground. He sheathes his sword and looks around."Interesting," he says "Definitely a lot different than home," he walks down the street and scouts the city.

As Greyson walks down the street and scouts the city he spots a locked treasure chest with no one around.

Like the thief he is, Greyson goes over and starts to pick the lock on the chest to see what is in it. His greed temporarily overcomes his intellect.

As Greyson picks the lock the treasure opens, revealing 150 gold coins.

~Greyson receives 150 gold~

As he picks the lock, an alarm goes off. Scoundrels appear from the roof and start dropping down. "You stealing from the wrong person kid," said the scoundrel.

"You have no idea how many times i've heard that," Greyson says while grinning and pulling out his hand gun and sword. He starts firing and slashing at the scoundrels until he sees an opening. Greyson bolts through the opening and runs down the street.

The Scoundrels use their grappling hook to latch onto the roofs. They use to rope on the hook to run across the buildings as they throw throwing knives at Greyson. "You won't escape that easily," says another one of the scoundrels.

Greyson shoots up at them with his pistol as he continues running. "I've heard that one a lot too!" He continues running and ducking into different allies and streets.

As Greyson is running he eventually runs into a dead end. The scoundrels now surround him from front and back. "If you surrendered earlier we would've spared your life," a scoundrel says in front of him. "Now we'll show no mercy." They all pull out swords and run at slow speeds towards Greyson.

Greyson pulls out two pistols and shoots a few of them. He then takes out his sword and rushes at them, he moves much faster than they do and strikes each of them multiple times before they are able to react. He takes some hits but manages to keep up with most of them at once with his speed and continues striking them.

The scoundrels throw out their alcohol to make Greyson slip. Since he is moving so fast he slips and loses control, but doesn't fall.

"Well, is there still a chance you'll let me live? Heh..." Greyson continues trying to fight, but is unable to move as fast.

Greyson's wildness knocks a few scoundrels back but he eventually falls on the ground and is backed against the wall. The scoundrels stand in front of him with their swords pointed towards him.

"Haha, uhm. I don't suppose you'd let me go now?" Greyson says as he's backed against the wall. 

"No we're not going to let you," says one of the scoundrels smiling. "You're either going to die by me and my friends blades or join our gang. Do you accept our offer of joining?"

"Well, it beats death doesn't it?" Greyson says while grinning. "Tell me more about this gang of yours."

"Well we're a gang of Pirates," says the scoundrel. "We steal things and are lead by this guy named Amadeus Valencia. He has intentions to make the public see things the way he sees, and lead it in a rebellion of anyone who sees differently. Most see it as evil, I see it as genius."

"Alright, i'll join," says Greyson. "Can I keep the gold? Guessing not, but it doesn't hurt to ask. I happen to be a pirate myself, by the way."

"Of course you can keep the gold, you're one of us now," screams the scoundrel in enjoyment of Greyson agreeing to join. The scoundrel gives him a grappling hook.

~Greyson receives a grappling hook~

"As a new member of the gang, we'll give you a grappling hook," says the scoundrel.

"Thanks for the gold and the grappling hook, looking forward to doing business with you all, heh." Greyson says while equiping his grappling hook.

"I look forward to doing business with you too," says the scoundrel. "Let me introduce myself. I am Rudolf, leader of the Rednose Regiment of the Amadeus Armada. It is a pleasure to meet you."

Rudolf Debut

"Are you ready to do our first act of business together," says Rudolf smiling.

"My name is Greyson Queen. And I'm ready to start right away," replies Greyson grinning.

"Your first mission is to help my hired bandits on the Erol Express," says Rudolf. "The Erol Express is on the bridge. Here's the Newb York map to the bridge, you should be able to latch onto it with your grappling hook."

"Alrighty." Greyson makes his way to the bridge and arrives after a little while. He ready's his grappling hook and waits for the train to come.

Time Skip to Train Arrival: Everyone is now TogetherEdit

Using his speed and skill with a scythe Shi quickly spins around the pole-part of the staff and deflects the kunai but one of them skins his left arm a bit. Afterwards, Shi grabs one of the kunai off of the train beneath him that he deflected and through it back at the bandit. He proceeded to sprint at the bandit and and slash through his skull. 

The bandit easily ducks at the slash and slips through Shi's legs backflipping with a kick that Shi cannot counter, dodge, or block sending him stumbling forward.

The train now arrives to where Greyson is, and it is his chance to grapple on.

Greyson grapples onto the train and swings in through the window. He bursts through and lands on his feet. He looks around and sees a door up to the top of the train. Greyson opens the door and hops up. "Hello," he says while drawing his sword and facing towards Shi.

Shi quickly gets back up and turns around with a powerful slash to slice through the bandits body. He picks up the bandits decimated body and throws it at Greyson. Shi proceeds to start running and jumping between the cars of the train heading for the main one where the conductor is. 

Greyson rolls out of the way and pulls out one of his hand guns and fires at Shi's back several times. He then gets up and starts sprinting after Shi. Greyson is very quick, and starts gaining on Shi quickly.

Shi manages to dodge some of the bullets but the others skin his arm, leg, and waist. Shi, using his high level of speed as well, starts running faster in zig-zags in order to make it harder for Grey to shoot him as well and rams his scythe into the top of the train beneath him and it rips through it as he continues to run leaving a long zig-zagging hole/fissure in the top of the train and causing his scythe to get hot. 

Shi's high speed allowed him to get to the front of the train where the trainman was tied up in ropes. The hole in the front train car allowed Shi for a chance to get in. His Zig Zagging however allowed Greyson to catch up to him, with them now being on the same train cart.

Greyson fires another shot and then puts his gun away. He runs forward with his sword and slashes at the back of Shi's knee, and continues the slash upward through the rest of his leg and up into his back.

Shi turns around and deflects the shot back at Greyson. Shi, having already turned around blocks Greyson's attack and uses sheer force to push Greyson back. He does a backflip into the hole in the train and comes down slicing rapidly at everything around him in case any bandits were waiting for him inside. 

When Shi came down slicing he managed to take out about three bandits. Two bandits came at him with flip kicks.

Greyson recovers quickly and runs over to the hole. He draws his pistol again and fires down at Shi several times. He then jumps down and quickly stabs at Shi multiple times without drawing back. He then  jumps backwards to avoid any backlash.

Shi spins his scythe around in cirlces above his head quickly in order to reflect the gun shots, swings his scythe upwards at Grey as he falls through the hole, and then attempts to jump to the side in order to dodge Grey's stabbing attacks. Afterwards, he slashes at the bandits next to him. 

As Shi spins his scythe around the deflection is successful but the bullets spread around barely missing Grey but brush against his armor very slightly reducing his durability. Shi's dodge is successful but the last slash cuts his stomach giving him minor damage. The slash to the bandits land cutting the bandits legs off and they are now immobile.

"Well, looks like it's just us," Grey says with a smile. He quickly rushes towards Shi and fakes a slash at Shi's chest but switches directions and slashes his legs. He flips backwards after the slash and takes a more defensive stance.

"Who are you and why are you trying to kill me?!" Shi says as he jumps above the slash and comes down with an aerial slash at Greyson's head. 

Due to Shi jumping Grey's slash to Shi's legs miss, and now a slash comes at Greyson's head. Greyson realizes the bandits job was to kidnap the trainman, and he sees the trainman tied up,

"Mmmm," says the trainman shaking in the ropes, as his mouths are ducktaped.

Greyson rolls out of the way of the slash. "You're pretty quick for a big guy," he says before drawing his pistol and firing multiple times. He doesn't do this just to shoot Shi however, he does this to create a smoke cloud to temporarily distract him. Greyson then runs over to the tied up trainman, and jumps back up through the hole in the cieling. 

Shi holds his breath and closes his eyes and rushes through the smoke slashing towards Greyson. After he opens his eyes and sees that Greyson took the trainman and jumped through the hole in the ceiling he quickly runs over to the train's controls and slams on the brake in order to make the train stop immediately and hopes the shock of the sudden stop will cause Greyson to fall down on top of the train and drop the trainman.

Shi successfully causes the train to break, saving someone in front of the train, who happened to be Stryder Hayabusa. But things didn't go out the way Shi planned. Him breaking the train caused Greyson and the trainman to fall off with the trainman still in his hands.

~Shi earns 100 EXP for saving someone~

"Mmmmmm!" screams the trainman in fear.

Greyson falls off the train with the trainman in his arms. He starts running and then throws his grappling hook onto a building and swings away from the train, and continues grappling from building to building until he is fairly far away from the train. He then goes to deliver the man to where ever he is supposed to do so.

Greyson gets away successfully and Stryder and Shi now see each other.

Shi sees Stryder through the train window and quickly jumps out of the hole in the top of the train and looks around Greyson and the trainman only to realize they were long gone. "Dammit!" Shi shouts realizing that he let Gresyon kidnap the trainman and get away. Afterwards, Shi jumped off the front of the train, put his scythe away, and walked over to Stryder. "Hello! Are you okay? What's your name and what are you doing here?" Shi says. 

"I'm fine. My name is Stryder and I don't know how I got here. And you are?" Stryder says, sheathing the Cipher.

"My name is Shizen Senshi. I'm just finished fighting some bandits on a train in order to save the trainman. But they captured him and got away. He was gonna take me somewhere too, but I forgot where. Now I need to figure out what to do next." - says Shi. 

Just as Shi says that, Stryder sees someone that looks like a trainman, in someone else's arms travelling through the city.

"I see him. Follow me." Stryder then runs after the person he saw.

The person he saw disappeared from behind a building and he lost track. Shi now remembered the trainman talking about defeating the Ogres in the forest.

"Wait, I just remembered. I'm suppose to head to the forest to defeat some Orges! I want to help the trainman but I think the Orges should be dealt with first. I think I'm going to head there and take care of them and then look for the trainman." says Shi as he walks down the train tracks until he reaches the forest. 

January 25th | Saturday | MorningEdit

As Shi is walking across the bridge he hears a voice from the city, which sounds like an announcement. "Attention citizens, the Ogres are now our allies and returning to their city," the announcement says.

Shi hears the announcement and realizes everything going on with the Orges is okay now. "Well since the Orges are taken care of, I need to hurry and rescue that trainman. But the bandit is long gone by now.... I need to find and contact the local police here and get some help." Shi says as he leaves the train tracks and heads towards the city hoping to find the police station.

As Shi is walking, all he sees is multiple buildings and more buildings. He can't seem to spot the station.

Shi continues to walk around looking for the police station but gets annoyed and decides to run over to a random civilian. "Hello, sir, do you know where the local police station is?" says Shi. 

"It's west from here," says the civilian.

"Thanks." - Shi replies as he quicly runs west to get there faster. 

Shi arrives to the police station door.

Shi quickly opens the police station station door and walks inside and up to the first office he sees. "Hello, my name is Shi Senshi and I would like to report a kidnapping!" - Shi says. 

"Exactly who was kidnapped?" the officer asks.

"A middle-aged trainman who was going to drive me into the forest to defeat the Orges. But recently I learned the Orges were already slain and became the allies of the this city! But anyway, some bandits attacked the trainman and me and kidnapped him and got away. The kidnapper was some guy who looked like pirate who swung away throughout the city on grappling hooks. I managed to get away but I couldn't find them. So I need the police's help, I owe it to the guy." Shi frantically explains. 

"Alright," the officer says while writing everything down. "We'll be on the lookout for this pirate guy. Thanks for telling us."

~Shi gains 50 EXP~

The officer walks away.

"Thanks, I wish I could go after the guy right now but until the police give me any information they collected chasing him down would be a waste of time. Besides, that bandit I fought on the train was strong and I need to get stronger if I plan to track that guy and his fellow bandits down and rescue the trainman..... which means... I need to go somewhere and train." Shi says right before his yellow eye glows and he has a vision where he sees his father telling him to go to a place called "Korino Shi Heights" to face a powerful challenge, and if he completes the challenge. He will be rewarded greatly. "Thanks for the heads up, dad. To Korino Shi Heights it is."  Shi says as leaves the police station and proceeds to take a week-long trip to Korino Shi Heights. 

February 1st 2014 | Saturday | EveningEdit

Greyson arrives back to Rudolf's hideout.

"Ah the mission was extremely successful," says Rudolf. "For doing your first mission with such excellence here is a reward."

~Greyson receives 5000 gold~
~Greyson gains 3500 EXP~'

"Bad news though," says Rudolf. "Some group of idiots ruined our plans with the Ogres." Rudolf's face seems to be angry and sinister.

"Today we're setting off across the great blue seas to find the idiots who ruined our plans," says Rudolf.

"Well, sounds good to me." Grey replies.

"First we must travel through the forest to meet someone named Madam Luna," says Rudolf. "She help us find who we're looking for."

"Lets get on our way then," says Greyson.

Rudolf opens the gate and leads the way for the rest of the pirates to follow as they take the shortcut to Madam Luna.

Greyson follows along with the rest of the pirates. "So, who exactly is this Madam Luna?" Greyson asks Rudolf.

"Madam Luna is this mystical psychic who uses her orb to see into different parts of the world and tell what's happening," says Rudolf. "This orb uses the power of the moon itself. She won't tell us our fortune without a price. Someone will have to fight her."

"Great, I assume you'll be making me do it?" Greyson replies with a sigh.

"Hehehe good one," says Rudolf with a grin. "I don't think you're strong enough to face her unless you want to. Anyway we're almost there."

"Well if you don't think so, I won't. Unless someone fights her with me or somethin'," replies Greyson, kind of relieved.

The pirates now arrive to where Madam Luna is.

Madam Luna Debut

"What have you pirates come here for?" ask Madam Luna curiously.

"We'd like to use that orb of yours," Greyson answers her.

"Ah...since you were the first one to answer, you will be the one to pay the price," Madam Luna says. "Either you pay me in 100 gold or you fight me, it is your choice."

"Well, I'm a bit tired, so I think i'll just pay you..." Greyson says. He tosses a bag of 100 gold over to her.

Madam Luna absorbs it into the crystal ball. "I shall tell the fortune now," says Madam Luna.

"Who are the idiots who stopped the Ogres from attacking Newb York?!" ask Rudolf in anger.

"The people you are looking for are two males," says Madam Luna. "One is an archer named Zerxes and the other is a brawler named Arris Taylor." A picture of the two warriors show in the crystal ball.

"Greyson I'm going to need you to go after one of them," says Rudolf seriously. "Pick which one you want to go after, and the rest of the crew will go after the other guy."

"Alone..?" Greyson asks. "Well, thats great,.." Greyson says kind of sarcastically. "Can I have some more members to come with me?"

"Of course you can!" exclaims Rudolf with a grin. "Just don't fail me." Rudolf's face gets serious as he says that. "Well time to set off to the ship."

"Alright, lets go then." Says Greyson. "I think i'll go after Arris."

"Where's Arris?" asks Rudolf to Madam Luna.

"In the great village of Mufasa," says Madam Luna.

"What about the Zerxes boy?" asks Rudolf.

"He's entering Maginoplis," says Madam Luna.

"Alright, come on boys," says Rudolf, as he proceeds to walk towards the direction of where the ship is.

Greyson heads down to the ship as well. "Well, looks like i'm in for another fight."

The pirates arrive to the river and Greyson sees the ship. "We're here," says Rudolf. Rudolf gets on the ship and the crew members follow.

Greyson boards the ship with the rest of the pirates, while thinking of a strategy to use on Arris.

The ship sails towards the great fields of Erol.

February 2nd, 2014 | Saturday | MorningEdit

Diving into Newb York now, is another ninja. The first time Newb York has had two of the same class in it.

Pariah, One second he was sleeping underneath a tree and now he wakes up plummeting towards the ground. He acts quickly and spreads out his body to help slow his descent. He then makes micro adjustments to his limbs to redirect himself to a nearby building as he reaches for two of his Throwing Kunai in his chest pouch. Now along side the building he shoves the two into the wall to help slow him down, this somewhat works as it granted him enough time to plant his feet there and kick off performing a downwards triangle jump; trying to transfer as much momentum into the wall before kicking back off. He takes the final kick and rolls in mid-air. He lands flawlessly in the alley below. "What do you call that?!" He says panting, looking at his severly damaged Kunai he frowns and puts them back in their pouches.

As Pariah lands in an alley, he sees people looking at him in shock. "What the hell!" a man yells in surprise.

He glances at the man, reclaiming his calm and says. "I'm just as surprised as you are, pal. One moment I was dreaming and the next I'm falling through the sky. But enough about that. Say you're all from around here, could you tell me where I am by any chance?"

"You're in Newb York," says the man.

"Well that's just great, in a city I've never heard of before." Pariah shakes his head and moves towards the crowd blocking his path. "Now if you'd excuse me I need to find a way back home and something tells me I'm very far from there." He says baffled by the architecture.

"Well you can try going through one of Newb York's portals," says the man. "There's a high chance you might teleport back to your home." The man points to the portals.

"High chance huh? So there's also a chance I'll be sent somewhere else, looks like I don't have much of a choice." He begins the long walk to the portals, reaching the end of the street he feels like there was something he forgot to say. But he pushes it aside and continues on his path. About 20 minutes later he reaches the suggested portal. "This is it then?" Looking up at it random thoughts cross his mind about how it works, he doesn't even have the foggiest idea.

Pariah sees the portals floating in the air, which can only be reached by jumping from building to building.

He takes out his two damaged Kunai and twirls them so the blade is facing down in his fists. "This is going to take some time." Pariah observes his surroundings once more, looking for any possible ledges to start with. He finds none except for the ones marking the edge of the floors. He gathers a good footing and breaks off into a quick dash heading for the first wall, mere inches before collision he leaps and kicks up off of it. Flying up now he pushes himself towards the second wall, as soon as he faces in its direction he throws the Kunai in his right hand and luckily it pierces the wall just enough to stay wedged in there. He then kicks up off of that Kunai and it snaps in half as he is propelled up from his momentum. Scaling up the wall further he sticks the left one in there as quick as he can so that as soon as he travels past it he'll be able to launch himself upward once more, it works and this Kunai too breaks as soon as he leaves the handle. Now he's closer than ever, one more push should do the trick. Pariah uses whatever's left of his kinetic energy to move up on the wall once again, he extends his arms and fingers as far as he can. He grasps the ledge and pulls himself up. 

Pariah is now on top of the portal and is teleported to Korino Shi Heights.

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