Shi Senshi
Shi Senshi
Shi Senshi
Physical Description
Race Half Human
Half Shinigami
Gender Male
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye color Dark Brown (Right eye)
Yellow (Left eye)
Height 7'0"
Weight 313 lbs
Age 26
Professional Status
Occupation Reaper
Base of Operations TBA
Affiliation TBA
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relative(s) Shinigami (Father)
Unknown Human Female (Mother)
Shi Senshi is a 26 old man who comes from an unknown world. Currently, he is doing his best to fully master and control his reaper powers in order to become a full-fledged Reaper one day. 


Shi Senshi is a gigantic man standing at 7'0" and weighs about 313 lbs. He has dark brown skin, one dark brown right eye, and a mysterious glowing yellow left eye. He carries a massive sycthe around with him which he is very skilled in using and wears entire comprised of mostly white, gold, and green colored clothing. He has a rather menacing appearance which he uses to scare enemies off. 


Despite his menacing appearance, Shi Senshi is actually a pretty nice guy. He doesn't mind helping others in need and he does his best to seek out and find criminals or anyone else who is up to no good. He enjoys spending most of his time honing his skills, finding and capturing criminals, or adventuring all around the world in seek of something new. He likes to dare into the unknown and enjoys challenges and learning new things. 


High Strength: Shi Senshi has a great of physical strength. This is due to his large size and bulging muscle. He can easily lift up the average-sized human with one hand and can lift up heavy objects that a normal human can't.

High Speed: Shi Senshi has a great amount of speed. He is capable of running very fast and outrunning most. He can use this speed while in combat and combine it with his skills with a scythe to deal powerful and deadly blows. 

Average Durability: Shi Senshi has a good amount of durability. His large body can take much more damage and punishment than the average human body can. 

Low Stamina: Shi Senshi has a low amount of stamina. This is because he uses so much energy by combing heavy and powerful blows with good speed. So this tires him out quickly and will leave him exhausted. 

Average Intelligence: Shi Senshi has an average amount of intelligence. There is nothing special about it at all.

Average Mana: Shi Senshi has an average amount of Mana. Not too low and not too high. 

List of RPsEdit


Experience Gold Rank Level
750 0 Hunter 1
Pvp Record
Opponent Outcome
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