William Arkeon
William Arkeon
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Height 6'2
Weight 170 lbs
Age 22
Professional Status
Occupation Viking
Affiliation Vikings
Personal Status
Status Alive
'William Arkeon is a young 22 year old Viking who is quite non aggressive unlike most other Vikings. William spends most days on sea as a deck mate on a raiding ship.

Physical Description

William is shorter then most of the other Vikings who are almost giants but William has one skill that most of the other Vikings don't William uses a sword where as most of the Vikings use clubs or hammers. William has Black hair and yellow/brown eyes, William usually wears a light iron chest plate with fur around the neck. William has a Dragon Blood tattoo on his face.


William has a more merciful nature then most others he would let a innocent go rather then kill them. William talks in a soft voice and sings at feasts. William usually goes and practices alone with his sword Dragon Claw. His sword Dragon Claw belonged to his father and his father before him. They say that Williams ancestor used to be the Dragon Lords of old and William has that same blood running through his veins.


William was a orphan by the time he was 2 because his mother died giving birth to him and his father died of sickness when he was 2. William was then raised by his uncle Damion who is a ship raider for the Vikings. Growing up was hard for William he had to adapt to each situation because when your a Viking you are expected to keep up with everyone so William had to live in a world of his own by trying to be different then everyone else so he uses a sword. William was raised as a sea Viking so he had to spend most of his life on a ship.

Enhanced Strength : William is very strong due to him being raised by Vikings who use brute force over anything else.

High Speed: William wanted to have more then brute strength so he ran a lot and became very fast. William is usually the first one into battle.

Average Endurance: Because Vikings attack in hordes they all work together so William does not have a huge endurance but still just above average.

Average Durability: William mainly uses speed so when he gets hit he gets a lot of damage but because he is a Viking he is tough and will mostly walkthrough it.

High Agility: William ran a lot and because the villages his Vikings mostly raid are on the coast most of them are near a forest so William has to run through bushes and trees a lot.

Average Intelligence: Because William was a Viking he was not able to go to schools or learn he had to fight.

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