New Zerxes!
Debut January 18th 2014
Epithet None
Physical Description
Race Human/Elf
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
Height 6'6
Weight 203 Lbs
Age 17
Professional Status
Previous Occupation Artist
Occupation Archer
Base of Operations Naturia
Affiliation Archers
Bounty 0
Personal Status
Status Alive

Zerxes is an Elf/Human Archer from a small village in the forest, who use to fight off pirates who would raid innocents.

Physical Description Edit

Zerxes is a young man with unusual height. He has bowl-shaped brown hair and pale skin with light blue eyes that shine in the sun. He wears a leather armor with metal pieces and a quiver on his back with arrows.


As a teenager, he is actually very playful yet mature. He usually goes hunting alone or in a group or party and loves winning battles against creatures of the world. His father was a knight in whom raided castles, but as he growned, Zerxes was against raiding innocents. No doubt, if there's a cut, Zerxes would raid places, but only those of the un-deserving.


Average Strength: Zerxes being an Archer, not to be used as an excuse isn't as strong as a warrior. He has the strength to use simple tools such as pickaxe's, axe's, shortswords, and more but is highly trained in Archery and wants to stay that way.

Enhanced Speed: Zerxes is very fit can run at below supernatural speed, but it is still considered very fast. He can easily outrun many people, but due to the fact that as an artist, he's let go of himself a bit, he cannot run for very long. Meaning his Endurance is atleast average.

Low Durability: Due to his armor, stature, and being an archer, he can easily be hurt by Knights, Vikings, and Samurai, those in whom use blades. He can take hits from brawlers and such, but still can take small damage such as a blade to the arm or a small slice to the gut.

High Intellect: Zerxes studied at many schools and has grown up very talented and was taught by many instructors and scholars. He use to write many novels about his travels and instructional books. 

Average Endurance: Zerxes, being very fit has let himself go as he became an artist and scholar, his endurance and fitness has went down. He was once on track star level of endurance and speed, but his lungs as well as his athletics have began to fail him. He as recently developed Asthma.


Experience Gold Rank Level
0 0 Ranger 1
Pvp Record
Opponent Outcome
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